She Burns Sum, Now at home in Wisconsin!!!!!

Sum Sum was one of our most personable horses, and a great producer. Bought off a training farm after being unable to carry a foal, she gave us DJPH Burn Sum Steel a couple years later. This past summer she was sold to a racing farm in Wisconsin where she will be bred to an amazing Thoroughbred stallion. Her new owner has sent us updates along the way, and we cannot wait to see the foals she produces with their phenomenal stallion. Here she is at her new home, settled in very easily!



Angel's Steel Jet

One of our own home bred, raised and trained, and the only foal out of our amazing mare TG's Ghost, Sassy is now with a great barrel racer in Gonzales, LA, where the pair have continued their training with the legendary Lynn McKenzie and have gone on to win money barrel racing. I am honored that her new owner keeps up with me and I have had the pleasure to visit and ride Sassy myself since leaving us a couple years ago. So excited for this team!!!